You’re Intention: Do you have one and why do you need one?

You’re Intention: Do you have one and why do you need one?

The dictionary describes Intention as:

:  A determination to act in a certain way:  resolve

:  import, significance

A:  what one intends to do or bring about

When we have an intention for a certain situation or for a certain way we want our life to be we have something that drives us… We notice this drive from the feeling that we get when thinking about it.  We ponder the intention of something i.e.  I want a successful business, I want harmony and happiness in my life through relationships that I have with my family, my friends. I want the satisfaction of knowing I am helping others through what I do with my life, my words and my actions. Etc.  We can think about all of these things, which is great, but what is even better is if we pin point that intention and write it down each day. I learned from working in the Professional growth and personal awareness and development industry that writing out my intention each day before I start gives me my path in my mind as to where I want the day to go.

 Maybe I have a situation coming up, a meeting, and a presentation, a group conversation that I know I will be involved in and I want it to end up in a positive light.   So I’ve found it helpful to write out the intention for that particular circumstance.  Why?  Because our brain whether we realize it or not listens to what we want.It takes in the things that we tell ourselves whether they are negative and harmful to us or positive and uplifting.  Those thoughts and intent come to us either way.   If we write them out, they become in our mind real and our sub conscious doesn’t know real from fantasy, it just knows what we are thinking of and what we expect to happen.There is the saying by Napoleon Hill “What we think about comes about” If we want positive and uplifting then we need to think on it and write it out as our intention.  If it’s negative, we want to release it and get the positive intent that we want in our head and into our thought process and have it stick.

I used to feel this was ridiculous thinking until I saw it firsthand.   I will tell you a story from my early days of presenting topics in the Professional growth personal awareness industry, since this ties in with intention and how I learned to use intention in a productive way.    Back in my early days though I had experience of writing workshops and presenting them to 1,000 people at time, training them on a certain topic, I had a time when I had started with a new company that I was asked to assist on a presentation down in San Diego for a very well-known quality control panel who were a large

Group of Highly educated engineers that were designing for the Defense department.

Our topic was going to be on MINDSET and how our thoughts effect the actions we take every day to get the results we want in our lives professionally as well as personally.As an assistant to this presentation I would hand out information and answer any questions at the end when my partner was done presenting.  I was told the day before that my partner who was to present was double booked and that I would have to do this presentation on my own.  I hesitated but took the challenge on. However, I went to my sale manager and explained to him what had happened and asked him if he would like to go with me, he could present and I would assist and learn from his presentation.  Keep in mind that I was still in the training phase with this company but had already been presenting the topic and I knew the topic well. My manager said “Heather I am booked that night but I have ever reason to believe that you will deliver the presentation perfectly because you know your topic well.   He then said “Growth comes in strange opportunities and challenges sometimes.”  So I agreed, however (in my mind I was still hesitant)  I would ask another presenter in the company as well who had more experience thanI and see if I could assist her. She asked me “Do you want me to present or you?  I said you can and I will assist and learn from you.  She came back and said “No, I will go with you, I will assist and you can present” you will be fine and we will talk about it all on the way down to San Diego”  

So the course was set.I however because of my own baggage I have been dragging around for years in my head (and we all have our issues, one which I was working on all the time through my own self-help workshops, seminars and books) was worried that I wouldn’t “be good enough” for this group because they were highly educated engineers, masters degree’s PHD’s and the like.   I personally had a Degree in design, tons of mentoring/training and sales background from the industry I had been in prior with a large retail firm.  Plus keep in mind I had won numerous awards through that company nationwide for sales, business building and sponsoring people into their own business as well as mentoring and training them plus I  had also been featured in “Empowering women magazine” across the country and had written a book for that industry too.

I don’t tell you this to brag, I tell you to set the stage… I had no reason to feel inferior or that I wasn’t a success in my own right. I fretted over this and talked about the presentation on the way down there.   I didn’t feel nervous or worried. The presentation went well until about ¾ of the way into it I got into a banter with a gentleman that was bringing up things that I really didn’t want to go into ineptly at that point.Instead of me thanking him for his thoughts and moving back into what I knew of the topic and closing the presentation, my mind began to wander and the entire time I am engaging him I am thinking in my head “how would Cassie answer this?  What would Mark say to this”   So as I backed out of that conversation and presented my close,  the entire thing fell flat and I could see it on all 50 of the faces staring at me in that room.  The message was lost and so were any hopes of having some sales for our workshops.I felt defeated.

I left the room, went into the ladies room and told myself I’m not cut out for this, I can’t do this and need to go back to what I know best.  I need to hand in my resignation.   I told Cassie in the car that I bombed it, I failed and I let down the people in that room and my teammates at the office.   She asked where that came from and I burst out crying and said it comes from the baggage I’ve been carrying around for years “that I wouldn’t be good enough” to do that presentation.   (This was something I had been working on for a long time which comes from my childhood)    Cassie at that point began to laugh and say THIS IS THE BEST!!  THIS IS SO GREAT!I said WHAT?  How can it be great I bombed!   She said don’t you see? if this hadn’t happened you would never have learned this valuable lesson.   I said yea? What is that?  She said you didn’t bomb in that room,  you didn’t bomb on the way down here,  your bombing of this situation started yesterday back in the office when you first started telling yourself then that you couldn’t do it and you weren’t “good enough”!  It started to bomb when you begain  asking someone else to do this presentation for you, before you ever got in the car.  You had made up your mind you weren’t good enough then and set the wheels in motion for the result you got!

I was blown away!I hadn’t even thought of it that way.  She then said you need to think about your “intention” What is it you want from your life?  What kind of life is it that you want to live and for each situation you are in, before you are in it, how do you want that situation to end up? What is the outcome that you want?  You should write out the intention for each situation and do another for your life and what that perfect life would look like for you and the intention you have of living that life.She said I know that sounds crazy but that is what we teach right?  How our thoughts give us a feeling and then effect the actions that we take every day which give us the results that get?  Well then…  begin to write with intention and live with intention for the outcome you want and you will begin to see a difference.

Later that week I had another presentation coming up and I was scared, however I did what Cassie had told me to do about my intention.  I began writing out my intention for my day each morning, detailing exactly how I wanted my day to go and end…   If I had a meeting or a presentation that day I would write out the intention for that too.   I wrote out an intention for my life and what it looked like and what I wanted.  I wrote out my intention for each situation I was going into and guess what??  That next presentation, I NAILED it….. Grand slam, made my point, taught some great information to some hungry people and signed up 75% of the room for continuing education on their professional growth!

I tell you this story to show you that there is power in your intention!  Why do you need it?  Because it’s a guide and a roadmap to your mind as to where you see yourself going.If you’re going to have an intention in your thought, make it a great one, write it down so your sub conscious can absorb it, meditate on it and watch your life and your world SOAR!