About The Book

July photo shoot not edited # 3Bookings When You Have No Bookings is a direct sales guide and beyond to getting and keeping your appointment calendar booked. Having appointments and bookings on the calendar is the life line of any direct sales, MLM or outside sales persons business. Heather Pich with 11 years in the direct sales industry and over 20 years of sales experience writes an easy to understanding guide on how to keep the calendar full. With tips, tools, scripts to say and more, you will find it simple and concise to read.

If you could have a calendar filled with bookings/appointments on a regular basis would you be more excited, feel more confident and more in control of your business or your professional sales career? If you could find a solution for every roadblock that a possible client/customers/hostesses could give you, would you take it, memorize it and use it on a regular basis? (Of course you would!!) So we all in agreement that if you could do those things mentioned you could become more successful in your business/sales and customer relations. Well guess what? This is exactly what we will be discussing as we go along in this book. We will figure out the correct thought process and steps that will allow you to get all the bookings/appointments on your calendar that you want and need. What can we do to create a calendar filled with opportunity and reality? It’s all up to you!