About The Author

HeatherPichWhen Heather Pich Author, Speaker/Sales Trainer/Coach launched her direct sales business on a whim 13 years ago she originally intended to dabble in it. With 3 small children, 7, 7 and 9, and a busy interior design business, she never even imagined where this would take her.

But somewhere along the way this casual venture morphed into full-scale success, raking in customers and producing a healthy income. “It took on a life of its own” she says. Heather became even more committed when she began paying for the taxes on their family home, taking care of the children’s extracurricular activities, paying for family trips and more. This industry wasn’t just a silly business she found. She realized early on there was something to it. To reach and continue her level of success Heather worked her business every day consistently and found that consistency over time will build a business like this. Her advice to representatives on her team has always been “Follow through on what you say you’re going to do” “When you’re feeling down and don’t want to take the actions steps you need to take, stop a minute and ask yourself where is this coming from? What thoughts and feelings am I having that are making me push things aside and not do what I need to do to be successful? Our mind plays tricks on us and the more we can become aware of what we’re thinking and feeling the more we will take the steps needed and get the activities done that are most important.

Heather has won numerous awards over the years, was asked to be a national conference speaker at her companies convention only 3 years into her business. Was in the top 10 ten nationally for sponsorships 3 years in a row, won numerous all-expense paid trips to exotic places, was # 14 out 25,000 reps to earn her companies prestigious “Legacy Award” which was for $500,000 dollars in sales and over 100 sponsorships into a business in her 7th year and then 2 separate times was asked to write her own class and train at their national convention to 3,000 plus women.  Many more accomplishments followed these. It was one of these classes that prompted her to write the book “Bookings when you have no bookings” Heather was highly successful in this area of direct sales and wrote a class that had women coming up to her years later at conferences, trips and company events explaining to her “You don’t know me but I took your class and I use the principals you taught and they work! Thank you so much” When Heather began hearing this enough, she decided that she couldn’t keep this valuable information to herself.  It was time to send out it to the masses and so “Booking when you have no bookings” became a published ebook and can be found at www.instantlybooked.com , Amazon books and more.

Perhaps the greatest reward Heather has received from her direct sales business is watching other women change their lives for the better and grow. She remembers one woman who lost her home to foreclosure but was able to keep her family afloat with her direct sales business. I’ve watched this business save women who were in crisis” Heather says “What a wonderful feeling knowing I had a hand in some of it! It is a blessing!” The direct sales business has allow her to make friends with other representatives in all types of direct sales and MLM companies and they all share the bond of working toward their dreams and goals. “My greatest satisfaction that I found fueled my passion was mentoring and training others to succeed.” She currently is a speaker/Sales Trainer/Coach/Mentor assisting others in their mindset toward their business and their sales. Helping them with the Inner-game (mindset) then into their outer-game (action steps) to generate unlimited leads, set endless appointments, push past obstacles with confidence , handle objections with ease and more.  This ties in perfectly with the mentoring and training she still does in her direct sales business. You can find Heather here and on Facebook at Heather Thompson Pich for more information on her Sales Training programs/classes and Coaching programs such as her 90 days to change challenge and or email her here or at heatherepich@gmail.com. It’s her passion to help others see that they can truly live the extraordinary life that we are  all meant to live.